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LIMITED TIME OFFER – ask for free ideas today before it’s too late!

Get Free Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Ideas

This is a brand new site, and I am looking to help give you recommendations and ideas to test absolutely free. Seriously, no strings attached.

I want to give you free advice because it is fun for me. I’m an experienced marketer (that has grown my previous ecommerce revenue by over $500,000/year by increasing our website’s conversion rate). Now, I’m a full-time stay-at-home-dad, and I want to keep doing split testing and CRO for fun to help people in need. This is just a way I can be charitable… to give my talents. Also, during quarantine I’ve read over 20 marketing books (not to mention hundreds of podcasts), and I’m itching to apply all this great marketing knowledge I’ve learned so I don’t lose it.


If you need help optimizing your website let me know!

All you need to do for help is leave me your website (or website url of the page you want optimized) in the comments below. Feel free to leave more info about why you want this page optimized. Also, please leave me the email you want me to reply to you at (or email me directly), and I’ll send my personalized conversion rate optimization ideas. All I ask is that you share with me the results once you have a big win. Also, it would be really cool if I could share some info about what we learn via a blog like this one.

For this freebie you’ll need your own testing software setup… I just want to email you a video or write about conversion rate optimization ideas you can test on your own. I look forward to giving you some awesome recommendations and hypothesis to test. Thank you for taking a minute to reach out! I look forward to giving you at least one amazing idea (probably many more).


Get Your Free CRO Ideas


Website url

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Any other details


P.S. If you don’t feel comfortable putting your email here just email me directly at: I can reply to that email

5 thoughts on “Free Conversion Rate Optimization Ideas”

    1. Thank you. I looked at your website: and I have a couple of recommendations. 1. Your “Submit” button at the bottom right of the page for your contact for should not say “Submit”. That is not a strong Call to Action (CTA) because the word can easily have a negative connotation with people (ie they don’t want to submit to people, etc.) . Instead, try “Leave a Message”. That way if they jump to bottom of page they know what that button is for instantly and if they click it will prompt them to fill out form. 2. “Mesage” form is misspelled and should be “Message”. 3. I would move the image with phone number and key fobs to very top above the text because the text is long. Also, I recommend shortening the text in that first paragraph to make it more likely to be read and more easily read. Last – I also noticed the word “surrounding” is misspelled in the first paragraph. It is great that you have your location prominent and what you do… strong title, but again, try less copy in that first paragraph below main image. I like it… it’s a fast site and looks sharp.

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