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Persuasion Techniques for Conversion Rate Optimization

  1. Empathize – see from the other person’s point of view
  2. Describe problem in detail
  3. Describe solution (your product or service) simply but in detail
  4. Describe how said solution makes customer’s life better
  5. Describe pain that customer would have without said product

6. Use as much…


I’m just starting this blog and am offering free CRO advice to the next 10 people that reach out. Email me ( and I’ll follow up with ideas that I recommend you test to improve your CRO. This is 100% free advice because I like helping people and this is a non-monetary way in which I can. I have been doing this for several years so I promise to give you good ideas to test.


I was previously the Director of Marketing at a multi-million dollar ecommerce company, but now am a full-time-stay-at-home dad. I love learning about marketing and am fortunate to have enough time and energy to share what I learn with you. Please go out and apply what you learn here so that you can create better marketing and make a bigger impact on the world 🙂

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